Recover Your Body’s Innate Wisdom to Navigate Life With Ease


Beyond Self Care: Resilience Strategies for the Modern Human

Stressed out

Burned out



Does this sound like your baseline? Does the thought of trying to meditate for an hour, hit up a daily spin class, or listen to self help podcasts amplify your stress, making you want to crawl in a hole, close your eyes and just wish it would all go away?

We know that’s not the life you envisioned for yourself and your. Your life is worth so much more. The problem is that sometimes we can get stuck in a hiccup like loop around our stress response and our BRAINS don’t know any other way but to stay on repeat stress mode all day, every day.

What you need are SIMPLE and QUICK solutions to move you out of fight or flight (our brain’s normal response to ANY KIND of stress, whether it be a tiger chasing you or sitting in rush hour traffic) and transform your baseline into REST, DIGEST and CONNECT!

The key to change is RESILIENCE.

Resilience is defined as “the ability of a substance or object to spring back into shape; elasticity” and also “the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness”

Doesn’t that sound amazing? Can you imagine if your response to your kid screaming or your flooded email inbox was not to grab a glass of wine or tighten up your shoulders, but to have a built in mechanism of FLEXIBILITY?

Because here’s the thing, your elevated stress response is affecting everything. Your relationships with your kids and your partner. Your ability to concentrate on that work deadline. Your ability to unwind without medication, caffeine, and alcohol. It can also affect your health, leading to symptoms such as :

  • chronic fatigue

  • anxiety

  • grouchy mood

  • mental fog

  • difficulty sleeping

  • allergies

  • getting every cold and flu going around

  • memories challenges

  • and so much more…

So how can we recover from this patterning we find ourselves in? How to we build RESILIENCE?


Normally, we recover from fight or flight with MOVEMENT (think of how you want to shake your hand after smashing your finger). Movement sends signals to the brain that reduce pain and recovers the brain back down from fight or flight mode to its normal resting baseline. That’s why exercise fights depression, why you have more energy after a run than if you sit on a couch all day, and also why kids at schools with gym class test higher on standardized testing that at schools where PE has been pulled from the curriculum.

Now maybe you’re thinking “I just need to exercise more", right? THINK AGAIN!

For exercise to be effective, all parts of the body have to move like a well-oiled machine… if there are any sticky or rigid parts, the brain searches for the normal signals that would come from those places but instead it gets alarm signals that amplify the fight or flight response! To interrupt this fight or flight loop, it’s not just that we need to exercise- it’s crucial to FIRST loosen the sticky places and THEN exercise.

The key to fluid movement is FASCIA. Fascia is the spiderweb-like material that dynamically suspends everything in your body. It’s the connective tissue between all bone, muscle, and organs that directly affect how your body absorbs force. The problem arises when fascia loses its ability to move smoothly, whether that’s from injury, chronic stress, dietary inflammation, or sitting at a desk all day long. And when fascia gets stuck, it doesn’t just affect the tight spots, it affect the entire system- leaving you vulnerable to both physical injury and stress of all kinds.

Fascia relies on movement and the Embodied Parenting program is designed to get you UNSTUCK.

In the Embodied Parenting Program, we utilize a variety of tools over the course of 8 weeks to help you move out of fight or flight, and into rest, digest, and connect. Using our signature services at Beginnings, from Fascial Flow Method and Tension Releasing Exercises, to Nutrition and Holistic Pelvic Care, we customize your care package to become the EMBODIED PARENT you were meant to be. Because when you are in a place of ease you are able to:

  • Wake up full of energy

  • Be less reactive to your kids, partner, and in all relationships

  • Decrease feelings of anxiety and feel more connected to your world

  • Feel less physical discomfort and are less prone to injury (which means when you do get the energy to workout, it will be much more effective!)

Ready to get started? Schedule a complimentary 15 minute phone call to design your Embodied Parenting package, TODAY!