Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises


Letting go is not for the purpose of forgetting or forgiving the past; it is about releasing the energy of the past to give us back our lives in the present which is necessary to deliver us into a new future.   

–David Berceli

Beginnings welcomes you to experience transformation with Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises. TRE® is an effective and powerful tool to help parents manage their stress response in the face of daily challenges, a gentle method for healing from trauma, a resource for providers suffering from chronic tension and burnout, and is accessible to anyone looking for a deeper relationship with your body.

What is TRE?
TRE is an innovative approach to help people release patterns of deep muscular tension that are caused by everyday life demands, immediate or prolonged stress, or traumatic life experiences. TRE evolved out of a growing body of research that connects the impact of stress and trauma on the mind and the body. Using a set of simple and easy to learn exercises, TRE accesses and releases stored tension in the muscles, which then sends a message of safety and relaxation to nervous system and the brain. As it is a body-based release that slowly unwinds holding patterns from the core of the body outward, there is little emotional or cognitive processing that would re-trigger uncomfortable or stressful memories. 

TRE was developed by Dr. David Bercili, PhD, a therapist and international trauma specialist who worked with large populations of traumatized communities in both Africa and the Middle East. Dr. Bercili observed that when the human body experienced high states of tension or threat, it would contract inward to protect vital organs and prepare for the fight or flight response, and this instinctual contraction response was followed by a reflexive shaking and tremoring response. He saw that the tremoring mechanism released tension in the muscles and calmed the nervous system, which allowed a person's body to move back to a state of balance. It was through these observations that Dr. Bercili created TRE, a set of easy to learn exercises with the purpose of turning on this neuro-physiological tremor response in a safe, controlled environment. 

TRE for all
The power of TRE lies in its ability to help people tap into the body's built in response to move out of tension and chronic stress states. TRE has immediate benefits and is a tool that can be practiced at home on your own, one-on-one with a provider or in groups, for as little as a few minutes time. It is used by many as a method of daily self care, with lifelong benefits. It complements traditional mental health and physical healing modalities, and has helped thousands across the globe in hundreds of counties to move out of chronic states of stress and trauma, and into a new relationship with life. 

Documented benefits of TRE include:

  • Improved heart rate variability

  • Improved sleep and mood

  • Decreased anxiety, hyper vigilance, and emotional reactivity

  • Improved emotional resiliency 

  • Increased physical flexibility, mobility and range of motion

  • Increased quieting of the mind and deepening of relaxation 

  • Increased sense of connection with self and other

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