Holistic Nutrition Coaching


Food has a deep and personal impact on how we view our inner and outer worlds

There may be a very specific reason you are seeking help, perhaps to support your body during infertility treatments, optimize your baby's growth and development in pregnancy, or rebuild your strength and stamina during the postpartum period. Or you may simply be needing a reset on unhealthy habits that have developed during the years of child-rearing or life change, when the challenges to healthy eating can seem insurmountable. 

At Beginnings, we view food not as something to be feared or controlled, but as fuel for longevity and sustenance for a thriving life. A visit with a Certified Holistic Nutritionist is your first step on a path toward creating a healthy and happy relationship with food, using your mealtime as an opportunity to heal and strengthen your whole self. Holistic Nutrition defines food as more than simply its make up of vitamins and minerals, but as deeply nourishing for the body and the mind. You will experience a whole body, functional healing approach to address common health challenges such as digestive distress, thyroid and adrenal dysfunction, sleep difficulties, fatigue, food allergies, autoimmune conditions, chronic illness and more.

Beginnings welcomes you to a supportive and non-judgmental environment, focused on teaching you the tools to co-create the health and well being you deserve!

Holistic Nutrition Initial Visit Includes:

  • A review of personal and family health history

  • A review of your current physical and emotional well being

  • Assessment of current relationship to food and nutrition 

  • Individualized goal setting for current stage of life

  • In depth education of current research on nutrition and prevention of disease

  • Food therapy foundations to support your goals

  • Resources for stress management and strategies for success

Holistic Nutrition Follow Up Visits Include-

  • Review of plan and assessment of individual's goals

  • Expanding food therapy for personal goals

  • Disease risk reduction planning

  • Education/resources to support long term change  

  • Supplementation and lifestyle medicine as desired or recommended 

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