Fascial Flow Method™


Like a River Flows to the Sea…

Fascial Flow Method is a body- based approach to addressing the affects of stress to powerfully downshift out of fight or flight mode in the brain. Using simple exercises that can be done at home in just 8 minutes a day, this full body method of self care is highly customizeable, for anyone with an intense history of trauma to high performers looking to level up. Fascial Flow Method combines the revolutionary science of fascia, biotensegrity, and the neuroscience of chronic stress + resilience to provide simple, efficient, and highly effective strategies to support the body’s innante ability to heal (without spending hours a day on self care and countless appointments with providers!). Fascial Flow Method grew out of the fields and practices of chiropractic, neurosensory integration, Luigi jazz dance, craniosacral therapy, structural integration, hatha yoga and meditation, reiki and neuroimmunology. While many exercise and body-based techniques are focused on structural outcomes, and stress management techniques are focused on either reducing stress or dealing with fallout once your cup “overflows”, Fascial Flow Method works to empty the cup quickly AND build you a bigger cup. Check out our Embodied Parenting page for more info on how Fascial Flow Method can become an integral part of your ability to THRIVE, no matter what challenges life throws your way!

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